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Dorcas Gachagua: I once attempted suicide but President Moi saved me

The wife of Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, Pastor Dorcas Gachagua, has revealed how she once attempted to end her own life.

Speaking during the ‘Sikika Youth Fest’ at Mount Kenya University on Friday, Pastor Gachagua recounted how on that one occasion she attempted to breach security protocol of former President Daniel Arap Moi at an event in the hope of accomplishing her mission.

“My mother was in distress. I was in the university and I was contemplating suicide. Marriage was the last thing on my mind. At a visit to Kabarnet Gardens, I ran to President Moi because I wanted his security to shoot me dead. Thankfully, the President lend me an ear,” she recounted.

She also called on the society to treat the boy child better.

“I will speak about the boy child until the end. As a mother, I must speak about it. Sometimes, because of the way the world’s culture is, we assume men are wired for anything and we don’t care about the boy. The boy child always has to stand up for a broken home and that’s why most of them are drug addicts with mental health issues,” she said.

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Pastor Gachagua passionately explained her outspokenness regarding the boychild, whom she said holds the key to resolving numerous challenges in the world.

“When I advocate for the girlchild, it is with the same heartfelt concern that I do for the boychild. The boy is the seed carrier and if the seed carrier is eliminated, the girlchild will not have a chance to become a mother,” she said.

She stressed the importance of society refraining from judging the boychild who may experience depression, as he often bears significant burdens within the family setup.

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Speaking at the same event, MKU co-founder Dr Jane Nyutu, a counselling psychologist and educationist, warned the youth against engaging in activities that are likely to have a negative effect on their mental health.

The event, which was held at the Mwai Kibaki Convention Centre, attracted hundreds of MKU students and general youth from Thika and its environs.

The ‘Sikika Tubonge Tusifiche’ initiative aspires to witness a significant reduction in the number of young people living with anxiety and depression in Kenya while also committing to reduce the alarming rates of suicide, particularly among young men.

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