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Doting mum withdraws case against 3 daughters who beat her up after night out

A woman has withdrawn a case against her daughters who beat her up and threatened to eject her from her house at Nchurai village, Tigania West Meru county.

Ms Mary Mwingirwa told Tigania Principal Magistrate Gathogo Sogomo that she and her daughters, Lillian Kirito, Pauline Kananu and Jemima Mwingirwa had buried the hatched over the August 9 incident that left her with an injured elbow.

During the incident, the girls had arrived late at around 10pm and found their mother asleep following a day-long trip.


After a brief knocking at the gate, another sibling opened for them but they complained that there was a delay and stormed the house, demanding answers from their mother.

They hurled insults at their mother and pushed her to the ground, injuring her left elbow and waist, occasioning her actual bodily harm.

During the ensuing pandemonium, the girls went to their father’s grave, sat on it and started screaming while invoking his name saying they needed the mother out of the house.

The pleas by their other sister that their mother had fallen asleep following a trip from Nairobi where they were to attend a relative’s burial did not calm them.

However, Ms Mwingirwa who is a prominent cereals trader said she was now willing to drop the matter, prompting Mr Sogomo to release them.