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Double M buses block Kencom stage in turf wars with Super Metro

There was a major traffic snarl up in Nairobi’s Central Business District (CBD) on March 2, 2023, after buses belonging to Double M Sacco blocked off various sections of Moi Avenue.

The bus operators were protesting against Super Metro, another sacco operating in the CBD, alleging the latter had taken over their terminus at Kencom.

The standoff which lasted for several hours disrupted services belonging to other matatu operators, leaving many passengers stranded waiting for the matter to resolve, as well as other motorists who were forced to find alternative routes.

Kenyans took to twitter to express their frustrations, as even heavy police presence in the area did not seem to deter the protesters.

“Town roads are still at a standstill. Moi Avenue and Kenyatta Avenue to be exact. Avoid unless you are on two wheels or on foot,” tweeted a user, Fred Rico.

Another netizen wrote; “And everyone wonders why Hilton closed shop. The ridiculous circus we are. Ile terminus @NMS_Kenya walijjenga waende huko. No parking in town!”

Six ambulances from St John’s Ambulance were also caught up in the mess, although the emergency responders confirmed they were not on call for an emergency.

“We have been doing drills in Nairobi to showcase our newly acquired ambulances to let people know we are better equipped to respond to medical emergencies,” an official from the service told the Nairobi News.

Authorities were called in to resolve the situation.

Turf wars are a common feature in the transport industry with the public service vehicles keen to capitalise on spots with the most human traffic as pick up points.

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