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Dozens of Nairobi men make ‘lifetime commitment’ on World Vasectomy Day

Dozens of Nairobi men made the lifetime decision to share in the burden of family planning by undergoing the irreversible vasectomy during the World Vasectomy Day on Friday at the National Theatre.

Aged 30-50, the men went in one by one for the 30-minute procedure that saw the tubes in the reproductive system that carry sperms cut off permanently.

The procedure was being done by various reproductive health specialists drawn from across the world under the invitation of the World Vasectomy Day Organisation.

According to one of the organizers, Edith Kabure, about 15 men underwent the procedure on Thursday and 15 others by Friday afternoon and more were expected to show up on Saturday being a weekend.

When Nairobi News visited the waiting room, young and old men who were waiting or had undergone the procedure looked jovial with not even the gloomy weather fading their smiles.

One of the men a Kamau from Dandora said his children are adults and since he does not plan to sire any more he made the decision.

“My wife has been on contraceptives since we started having children and now that they are adults I decided to undergo vasectomy and free her from the contraceptives. I will be taking some pain killers when in pain for the next few days then I can continue enjoying my marriage as old age comes,” said the 48 year old.


In the waiting room, Nairobi News found a woman who had accompanied her husband to undergo the procedure.

The 42-year-old said she had been through a lot of bleeding, cramping and nausea as a result of hormonal and non-hormonal contraceptives until her husband decided to undergo vasectomy.

A man in his 30s who did not want to be identified said he decide to undergo vasectomy after having three children in his marriage and three out of wedlock.

He faulted temptations as the reason why he sired out of wedlock adding that he would not want any more children hence the decision.

According to Charles Ochieng founder and director at Winam Safe Parenthood Initiative who was among doctors carrying out the procedure, there is no effect on a man’s libido after vasectomy.

“There is nothing like culture and religion that is just hiding under the reality. Failure to perform is mostly psychological or lifestyle for instance lack of exercise so that has no connection whatsoever and if it was the case I would have been divorced already,” said Dr Ochieng.