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DP Gachagua asks city petty thieves to take a break this holiday season

By Wangu Kanuri December 20th, 2022 2 min read

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has urged pickpocketers and petty thieves to take a break also during this festive season, saying they should let people enjoy themselves without disrupting their peace.

Speaking at the launch of the semiconductor manufacturing system at the Dedan Kimathi University in Nyeri, the DP said that the petty thieves often blame him and President William Ruto, saying they told them ‘kazi ni kazi’ but argued that what they (thieves) do is not what the two leaders meant.

“Let’s allow everybody to enjoy Christmas, even the petty thieves and pick pocketers, let them go rest. You know everything must have a break. They can take a holiday from what they do,” he said.

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Additionally, DP, nicknamed Riggy G, urged police officers to remain vigilant and ensure the country is safe as people make merry and enjoy their Christmas and New Year.

“We ask our officers in the national government, county commissioners and commanders please make all arrangements and ensure these guys have a peaceful Christmas. I want to urge our officers there is no Christmas for you unfortunately. That’s your job you looked for it as we enjoy, you work as that is your job description.”

To those who shall be on the wrong side of the law, DP Gachagua shared, “Those people who cause trouble arrest them and lock them up till after Christmas, so that they can allow these people to enjoy in peace.”

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However, he also cautioned Kenyans against overindulging in alcohol, saying they should moderate their drinking despite it being a festive season.

Addressing Nyeri residents, the former Mathira MP said, “Let us not drink a lot and if you must two, three bottles is enough then go home. This behaviour of drinking from evening to the next day evening is not healthy.”

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