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DP Gachagua blames Raila for high cost of living

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has accused opposition leader Raila Odinga of watching on silently as former president Uhuru Knyatta’s regime engaged in corruption.

Speaking at the commissioning of the multi-billion Thiba dam in Kirinyaga, the DP said Mr Odinga made the former president spend billions of shillings to popularise his candidature ahead of the August 2022 polls.

The DP also told Mr Odinga to stop complaining about the high cost of living in the country because he is one of the people who landed the country to the current situation.

“He is now complaining that there is a problem, yet he is one of the reasons why the cost of living is high. He confused president Kenyatta and made him spend a lot of money,” said DP Gachagua.

Mr Gachagua also blamed Mr Odinga for what he said was his role in misleading the government to spend Sh50 billion on the collapsed BBI.

He said that Mr Odinga should give their government time to serve Kenyans instead of criticizing it.

“He should take a back seat and let the government of the day fix the problems caused by the Jubilee administration,” said DP Gachagua.

Please slow down on oversighting the Kenya Kwanza administration. If you had done your job well during President Uhuru’s tenure the country would be far ahead,” added Mr Gachagua.

He expressed optimism that the Kenya Kwanza regime will revive the economy and make agriculture profitable again.

He said prices of farm produce such as coffee and tea will hit a record high again.

This comes a few days after Mr Odinga in his Nairobi tour said he will work towards pushing for reforms to address the high cost of living in the country.

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