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DP Rigathi Gachagua shares family tragedy caused by alcoholism

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has revealed the heartbreaking toll of alcoholism within his family, recounting the loss of his two brothers to the destructive addiction in a candid interview with Inooro TV on Sunday, March 17.

In a deeply personal account, the second-in-command shared the tragic impact of alcoholism on his family, reflecting on the anguish of watching his loved ones succumb to the grip of addiction.

“One of my brothers was an alcoholic. I tried to talk to him, telling him that we were the only two brothers left. I begged him not to leave me. I tried to take him to the hospital, but my efforts were in vain. When I was sworn in as the deputy president, he attended the after-party at home in Nairobi,” Gachagua recounted, his voice heavy with emotion.

Recounting a touching memory, Gachagua revealed how a gesture of celebration turned into a harrowing reminder of the devastation wrought by alcohol.

“Before they left, since I was super excited about the day, I gave them some money. Later, I saw him in a coffin. He went and drank alcohol with that money, and he died,” he said.

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The loss of his brothers has left Gachagua grappling with loneliness and sorrow, as he now bears the weight of watching over his home alone.

“When I go home, it is usually very lonely. I always watch the graves because my sisters are all married. In my home, I am the only one remaining. The one called Lian, we would be with him. I am all alone. I do not have a sibling to talk to. It is so painful. I am not alone; it’s just that people are not talking about what alcohol has done to them,” he revealed.

Gachagua emphasized the importance of addressing the profound impact of alcoholism on families, stressing that while they may not be fighting against alcohol itself, they must confront the devastating consequences it leaves in its wake.

During the interview, Gachagua has said the nationwide war on illicit brews, drugs and substance abuse is unstoppable and the Government will not give in despite fightbacks from merchants of death disguised as entrepreneurs.

The government aims to implement several measures, including ensuring that all operating bars are licensed and establishing a laboratory center to verify the quality of alcohol for consumption.