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This is what woman wants from DP Ruto in child support case

The woman who has sued Deputy President (DP) William Ruto for child support wants more than Sh160,000 in cash every month plus a high lifestyle bankrolled by the DP.

The woman, who claims to have started a romantic relationship with Mr Ruto back in 2005 while still a student at Moi University, wants Sh30,000 every month for food, Sh80,000 for shelter, Sh35,000 monthly for toiletries and Sh15,000 every month to hire a  house-help.

She also wants Sh20,000 annually for clothing.

She also wants “adequate medical cover”, school fees “in a school that reflects upon the Defendant’s status as the Deputy President” and a vehicle to enable her pick and drop their child to and from school and “other places she might need to go”.


That is not all. She also wants Mr Ruto to provide security personnel to protect the child. The woman also want the DP to pay the costs of the suit and “such further directions and/orders as this Honourable Court should deem fit and appropriate”.

In her affidavit filed in court on Thursday, the woman claims that she was introduced to the DP in 2005 by a mutual, friend while she was working as a receptionist at Uasin Gishu.

Mr Ruto was then serving as the Member of Parliament for Eldoret North Constituency.

“The Defendant then pursued the Plaintiff with various propositions for a romantic relationship, and owing to her gullibility as a young and naïve student, she acquiesced to the advances,” reads the affidavit in part.

“Out of the romantic relationship between the Plaintiff and the Defendant, she conceived and on March 6, 2006, she delivered a beautiful baby girl at Mediheal Hospital.”

Shortly after, she claims that the DP assured her that he would take full parental responsibility for their daughter and promised to sufficiently provide for her and their daughter.


“The Plaintiff acquiesced to the assurances of the Defendant that he would support them financially and he initially did so, albeit not to the standards that would have been expected of a high ranking politician and businessman within the Republic of Kenya,” adds the complainant.

However, she claims that after Mr Ruto was elected DP in 2013, he discontinued offering any form of monetary support, leaving them in abject poverty.

“The Plaintiff was forced to move out of the house the Defendant was paying for and move into a smaller house in a cheaper estate. As the Plaintiff could no longer afford to pay for the salary and upkeep, the house help she had hired to help her in taking care of the minor abandoned them,” she adds.

But after the woman’s lawyers issued the demand, the DP sent her a sum of Sh35,000 through an aide which she was advised to accept by her lawyers.

Since then, though, she claims Mr Ruto has eschewed his parental responsibility and has refused to maintain the minor.

EDITOR’S NOTE: An earlier version of the article indicated that Mr Ruto met the woman while she was a student at Moi University as  outlined in the affidavit. The story has now been edited to read that the two met while she was working as a receptionist at Uasin Gishu following an update from the plaintiff’s legal team.