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DP Ruto target of spoken word artiste’s hard-hitting track – VIDEO

Nakuru-based spoken word artiste Willie Oeba has released a hard-hitting track, Mr Deputy President directed at Deputy President William Ruto and his quest to replace President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2022.

In the video that is more than 7 minutes long released on Friday, Oeba questions DP Ruto about his undelivered development promises, his early campaigns and his wheelbarrow movement.

The former BLAZE BYOB Nakuru winner also noted that campaigns in Kenya start immediately after election thus making Kenyans spectators.

“My Deputy President mumereduce Kenyans to full time spectators, immediately after kuwapigia kura tunaspend the next five years kwa campaign trails tukiwapigia nduru,” Oeba says in the track.

He asked the principal deputy to Presideent Kenyatta about the five stadiums he promised Kenyans during their Jubilee Party campaigns in 2013 and 2017.

“Dear Mr President wapi stadiums, ama umeamua kufanya kazi na hutaki mchezo? If that’s the case si unaover work,” he continued.

On Ruto’s infamous donation of wheelbarrows to young ‘hustlers’, Oeba mentioned that the young people being given the wheelbarrows were promised paid internships during the 2017 campaigns.

“The same student ulipromise paid internship 2017 ndio the same graduate unaoffer wheelbarrow empowerment 2020. Dear Mr. Deputy President, get this clear ma youth hawataki handouts, wanataka wage,” he proceeded in the track.

He further acknowledged the role that Kenyans on Twitter have played to keep the leaders in check.

“Kama si Kenyans online, vitu mob hazingeona light of day.”

In April this year, Oeba released a similar video addressed to President Uhuru Kenyatta.

In the video, he called out the head of state and his administration for their unfulfilled promises, corruption in the country and the ever rising issue of youth unemployment.