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Kidero to be charged for assaulting Shebesh

Nairobi governor Evans Kidero now faces assault charges arising from accusation by women representative Rachel Shebesh that he slapped her in September last year.

The Director of Public Prosecution Keriako Tobiko has written to the Directorate of Criminal Investigation boss Ndegwa Muhoro asking him to prefer assault charges against the governor.

Equally, Mr Tobiko recommends that Ms Shebesh should be charged with creating public disturbance.

Governor Kidero slapped Ms Shebesh during a confrontation at City Hall that was captured on camera.

The incident happened when Ms Shebesh, accompanied by aggrieved Nairobi City County workers who are demanding better pay, went to Dr Kidero’s office.

The governor had just returned from a meeting with visiting Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan when he came face to face with Ms Shebesh, some members of the County Assembly and the workers.

The situation turned chaotic and it was then that Dr Kidero allegedly slapped Ms Shebesh before telling her off.

After the incident, both the governor and the Women Representative separately recorded statements with the police.

Nairobi  Women representative  Rachel Shebesh  leaves Parliament police station after recording a statement on September 06, 2013.
Nairobi Women reprsentative Rachel Shebesh leaves Parliament police station after recording a statement on September 06, 2013.

An inquiry by Criminal Investigations Officer Nicholas Kamwende into the incident established that the two leaders fought.

Mr Kamwende recommended that Mr Kidero and Ms Shebesh be charged.

He also proposed that Ms Shebesh and the group that stormed the governor’s office be charged with creating a public disturbance.

The police report detailed how Ms Shebesh and a mob arrived at the office at 3.30pm and the governor asked Ms Shebesh to enter the office alone but she insisted on going in with two of the workers’ representatives.

The governor opened the door to his office and Ms Shebesh and her group tried to force their way in.

Skirmishes occurred, reported Mr Kamwende, and it was then that Ms Shebesh started shouting that she had been slapped by the governor.

Mr Kidero and Ms Shebesh went to different hospitals and doctors certified their injuries as “harm”.

Mr Kidero then reported to Central Police Station while Ms Shebesh reported to Parliament Police Station.

The husband of Rachel Shebesh, held a press conference later where he said he was ready to forgive Governor Kidero on condition that he apologises.

In an exclusive interview, Mr  Shebesh said he had received calls from Dr Kidero’s allies apologising on the governor’s behalf.