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Dr Kingori – I wore my mother’s high heel boots to school due to poverty

Dr Kingori, the charismatic media personality and host of the hit show “The Wicked Edition” on NTV, has become a household name in Kenya.

With his quick wit and incisive commentary, he has captivated audiences and cemented his place as one of the country’s most popular media personalities.

But behind his success lies a journey of perseverance, overcoming poverty and defying the odds.

During a recent talk as part of the Engage series, Dr Kingori shared his remarkable story, tracing his path from humble beginnings to becoming the host of Kenya’s longest-running TV show.

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He opened up about his mother’s dream for him to become a doctor and the challenges they faced as a family.

“My mother really wanted me to be a doctor,” Dr Kingori revealed. “She saw it as an opportunity for us to break out of the confines of poverty. As a casual worker in two hospitals, she knew there was a ceiling she couldn’t cross without an additional qualification.”

Dr Kingori faced many obstacles growing up in poverty but overcame them with creativity and determination.

He recalled the time in primary school when he couldn’t afford new shoes, so he resorted to wearing his mother’s high-heeled boots to school.

Dr Kingori said, “I remember when I was in grade seven, I almost went to school without shoes, my shoes were so worn out, but creativity was tested. I went to school with my mother’s shoes, I remember the pair very well. It was a pair of high heeled boots”.

He continued, “You see how people talk about, ‘Oh, it’s men who originally wore high heels in the 17th century! Don’t look that far back, I was wearing high heels in the mid-2000s”.

After doing well in his primary school exams, Dr Kingori was given an opportunity that seemed like a stepping stone to his mother’s dream. He was admitted to one of the top three high schools in the province, Nguviu Boys High School.

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The Wicked Edition’s host Dr Kingori with guests Betty and Mercy Kyallo. PHOTO| COURTESY

“For my mother, this was a significant achievement. It meant we were one step closer to realising her dream,” he said. “The plan was for me to excel in high school and then the government would take over and send me to medical school.”

But life had other plans for Dr Kingori. He took a different path, one that led him into the world of media and entertainment.

His show, The Wicked Edition, quickly gained popularity for its satirical take on current affairs and its ability to provide a platform for important conversations.

Today, The Wicked Edition is the longest running TV show in Kenya, a testament to Dr Kingori’s talent and ability to connect with his audience.

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