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Dr Ofweneke: My mum abandoned me when I was just one week old

Kenyan comedian Sande Bush popularly known as Dr Ofweneke has revealed that his mother abandoned him at only one week old.

An emotional Dr Ofweneke was sharing his journey with fellow comedian Daniel Ndambuki on Churchill Show.


Dr Ofweneke says he was born at Pumwani Maternity Hospital to David Sande and the late Jennifer Atieno. After being home with his mother for a week, she decided to leave as they were not in good terms with Ofweneke’s father.

“A week after my birth, my dad bought a beer at his favourite joint and before he could drink it, our house girl came and told him ‘Atis awesome na amewacha mtoi kwa stairs’. He came back and found neighbours picking me up…” the comedian narrated.

The father was left with the responsibility of raising his one-week baby and handling the breakup, and for that, he earned the respect of his son.

“A week after my birth, mum leaves, so nimebaki na dad. Kitu moja nimerespect mzae alibeba burden mbili. Haijawahi kuwa easy kwake and hiyo ndio kitu moja kufanya mineadmire mzae sana,” a tearful Ofweneke said.

“Mzae amefight battle yaani, huyo boy, wacha nimuite boy juu si utana mabro. Huyu boy amefight battles, kama kunawasee mimi hujua God anafakuwapatia everything in life but kama kunakitu alimpea, alimpatia patience, resilience na roho ngumu,” he added.

Dr Ofweneke further appreciated his father for taking care of him and all his uncle’s and aunties.


“I’ve seen him raise my uncles and aunties as well as me. Dad, wherever you are, I celebrate you and proud to say that you’re my dad,” Dr Ofweneke said.

Dr Ofweneke got to meet his biological mother years later when he was in form three.

“Atuaclly mimi ndio nilienda kumtafuta. Nilikuwa nafikiria ako mbali kumbe alikuwa hapa tu Hillrocks, Industrial Area. Alikuwa mdosi wa catering kwa police ya Hillrocks. My uncles and aunties knew where she was, wakaniambia vaa nguo twende. Kufika hapo akawarecognize,” Ofweneke said.

His mother remembered her in-laws but was curious to know the young man who had accompanied them, only to be told it was her son.

“My mum broke down anaaza kulia akanihug. I’m not a very emotional person hata nashangaa vile nimelia kwa hii interview but hiyo matha alinihug nilishindwa cha kudo,” he said.

Dr Ofweneke’s mother passed on three years later after meeting her son, and the two had reconciled.