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Dr Ofweneke: Why I have no time for bloggers

Comedian and events host, Dr Ofweneke, has declared that he is done with blogs.

The funny man says he no longer gives interviews to Kenyan blogs because a majority of them do not do authentic content but rather cheap gossip for click bait.

“I no longer tolerate nonsense from blogs. I have been in this industry for 14 years to just sit there and let blogs spoil my career with silly stories. You write nonsense about me and I come for you,” the comedian said.

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Dr Ofweneke also said most blogs, especially up and coming ones, lack rational, morals and objectivity in reporting.

“I think we are giving people too much power over our destinies and I’m sorry I am not going to be those weaklings in the industry, just because someone has a camera, a phone and a keyboard. The very few blogs I give an audience to are the big and popular ones with authentic content,” he said.

The comedian, whose real name is Sunday Bush, warned that any blog that writes gossip about him should be ready to face him because “the problem with Ofweneke he will never give gossip (stories).”

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The funny man has maintained that he is too busy to spend his time on clout chasing like some of his peers in the industry. He also said unlike most celebrities, he rarely keeps tabs with what is happening on social media.

“Let me tell you, I don’t know what happens on social media. Do you know how many companies I run? I am on radio, on TV, emceeing events and I have a marriage to maintain. When will I get the time for social media just to follow other peoples’ lives?” he posed.

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