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Dr Owuor’s shopping day stirs up the street

For 30 minutes, Kimathi Street was at a standstill. The man of God was around, going about his shopping, accompanied by a retinue of smartly dressed, but mean looking bodyguards.

Outside the high-end Unique Ted Beker, Nairobi’s store for exclusive collection of men’s clothes and accessories, crowds milled around, perhaps attracted by Prophet David Owuor’s motorcade of Range Rovers and Toyota Prados parked in front of the shop.

“It is the Prophet, he has gone inside,” one excited woman whispered to her friend as she craned her neck to catch a glimpse of the man.

Pick a suit

Inside, Dr Owuor meticulously went about the business that had brought him there — filling his wardrobe.

He carefully made his selection, occasionally inviting his bodyguards to help him make a decision or pick a suit for themselves.

Our photographer saw the prophet purchase between five and eight suits, including those for his bodyguards before they walked out of the store.

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