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Drama! AFC Leopards Chairman Dan Shikanda in WhatsApp meltdown

AFC Leopards Chairman Dan Shikanda found himself in the middle of a storm when he faced off with ardent Leopards’ fans on the AFC Leopards WhatsApp group.

Information in Nairobi News’ possession, fans took him to task regarding matters like the club’s finances and how the money is used. They also sought to find out how much money he had brought into the club, why the club’s finances were critically poor, how many trophies he won with the club, and why he was “an overrated and clueless Chairman”.

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The heated confrontations turned ugly when some fans abused the Chairman and his family. This set off Mr Shikanda, who clapped back in several responses as sampled below:

On financial contributions the club receives, Mr Shikanda said, “Makanambo, how much do you contribute to this club to have the monopoly of abusing me and my family?…(to another fan named Abbas Mholanzi) How much did you contribute to FIFA cases apart from praying the team to be relegated? I can assure you they were sideshows. Wewe kunitusi (You abusing me) plus my family is the core business.”

Mr Shikanda claimed Leopards’ cases before FIFA were sideshows, but now he was choosing to concentrate on a “grown-up man” insulting his family.

“I’ll not allow a grown-up man like you to disrespect my family and me. I don’t care how many phone calls you make to sponsors, but please, let us respect each other,” Mr Shikanda told another angry fan.

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In response to the accusation of being the most overrated Chairman at AFC Leopards, Mr. Shikanda addressed his accusers on the messaging app, “You have clues. What have you ever done or helped this team with apart from abusing me? Who overrates me, and why are you not coming to do the right (thing)? You are a man like me. Come and rescue the team.”

Regarding the allegation that the club hasn’t won any trophies during his leadership, Mr Shikanda responded to his accuser, “Whether I win nothing or not, you don’t have the right to be used to abuse me left, right, and center. That one, I can assure you, Abbas. You are the cheapest of all, but I can assure you, enough is enough. The time has come for us to respect each other.”

Several other fans egged on Mr Shikanda to take on his detractors, while others advised him to disregard his critics.

Mr Shikanda also denied claims the team had a bloated wage bill of 38 players, saying the figures being floated around were false.

AFC Leopards is undergoing financial difficulties after finding themselves in positions where they have to pay former employees millions of shillings arising out of pay disputes.

Recently, FIFA ruled that the football club should pay former coach Patrick Aussems Sh20 million for failing to meet their contractual agreements and not paying him his dues.

AFC has also been relying on wealthy benefactors and well-wishers to make ends meet at the club.

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