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Drama alert? Bensoul’s baby mama confesses she thinks of him, despite the girlfriend!

Sol Generation’s Bensoul’s baby mama, Tiffany Wanjiru Muikamba, confessed to thinking of her baby daddy despite their short-lived scandalous affair that resulted in a pregnancy, their highly publicized fall out and in spite of him being forgiven and taken back by his girlfriend, Noni Gathoni.

In several statements made over the past week, Ms Muikamba said she would be lying if she said she never thought of Bensoul, born Benson Mutua Muia, despite their love-hate relationship.

“I would be lying if I said I never think about you. What we had, our love hate relationship. Everything feels so ridiculously funny right now.”

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“Considering how everything went downhill so freaking fast, I love the peace and harmony we now share. Life really has its ups and downs so never focus on the downs only because I never thought I would be this happy plus peaceful. It all feels like a dream but it’s really a huge miracle,” began Ms Muikamba.

She also hinted that she was ready to date again after being vilified and lynched online for being Bensoul’s secret lover for a few months and causing drama online when Bensoul denied their pregnancy in the beginning.

“Just realized something I never though I’ll be thinking of. I’m actually ready to date again, but I have a lot of rules,” laughed Ms Muikamba.

She also shared a TikTok video with a clip along the lines of a person meeting someone who did not remind them of anyone else, gave off brand-new vibes, and was a breath of fresh air.

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Bensoul and Tiffany welcomed a baby girl in September 2022, months after the two engaged in an online war of words that roped in his girlfriend, Noni.

The duo cheated on Noni Gathoni during a holiday in Mombasa County, and Bensoul admitted to this in March 2022 when tea master Edgar Obare caught a whiff of their affair.

“Hey Edgar, yes this is true, a mistake I did on my part and my people know that I have been doing all I can to be there for the unborn child. It really took a toll on her (Noni) but I am grateful that she’s a very understanding person and caring at the same time. She’s my life partner and she put us first even amidst all this chaos,” said Bensoul.

Following the birth of the child, Ms Muikamba intimated that she and Bensoul were not co-parenting. Still, according to her above statement, it would appear that they are now peacefully and harmoniously co-parenting.

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