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Drama as 24-year old is caught lodging with school girl

January 6th, 2016 1 min read

By AGNES ABOO, @wilfrida_agnes

There was drama in Meru town after a man was caught pants down with a 16-year-old Form Three student in a lodging.

The 24-year-old was arrested at the lodging with the girl who had been released by her parents to go to school for her first term session.

The incident attracted a huge crowd outside the building trying to get a glimpse of the two who were whisked away by the police to Meru Police Station.

Robert Kaberia, an eyewitness, said the man was seen entering the premises with the girl who is well known to the workers, prompting them to call and alert her father.


“We decided to call and alert the girl’s father who responded immediately and found them naked in the room which was unlocked,” said Mr Kaberia.

The girl’s father said he had given her pocket money 30 minutes before he was notified of the incident.

“I had just seen her off to school. A few minutes later I was called to be informed that she had been seen with a man in one of the lodgings in town,” said the father.

He added that the girl left home in her full school uniform.