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Drama as a landlady locks church over rent arrears row

An incident of a landlady locking a church in an undisclosed area in an apparent dispute over rent arrears has stirred a heated debate online.

The 43-second video shows the woman clad in a yellow dress angrily locking the door of the church.

A confrontation between the landlady and the pastor of the church whose front face of the entry is written ‘Efanatha Church’, ensues as they hurl unprintable words at each other.

It is alleged the owner of the building hosting the church was furious over rent arrears.

However, it remains unclear when the drama happened.

“Come look for me, I will be obedient to you,” the landlady satirically tells the man of God.

They confront each other in vernacular language.

“You are the one who borrows money, you Satan…I am called Satan, come and arrest me,” she challenges the pastor, who is seemingly not ready to let her go without his dose of response after she locks the church’s door.

People watch, as the two deepen their skirmishes.

“Go build a church in your own home compound. Kwenda kabisa…Are you the only more prayerful person than others?” the clergy fires back.

The word fight continues until the woman disappears.

The viral video has since prompted a debate online, as most people condemn the pastor over his words especially coming from a preacher.

“Pastor anataka kila kitu apewe bure hadi rent asilipe, (The pastor wants everything given to him for free, even rent he should not pay),” Mike Maiko wondered, responding to the Tiktok video shared through Facebook.

“Rent should be paid,” wrote Ireri Florence Njoki.

“Nowadays, churches are business ventures. Unlike the way, things were decades ago. Rent must be paid,” Rosemary Wakugwa commented.

Surprisingly, the church is located next to a bar. ​

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