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Drama as Chinese company donates beer to starving villagers – PHOTOS

Drama ensued on Friday after a Chinese company donated beer as part of food aid to a hunger ravaged village in Tiaty Sub- County.

The Chuanshan international mining company donated more than 300 bags of maize, 20 cartons of cooking oil and more than 20 cartons of a Chinese made beer.

In a food distribution at Katikit village, the locals cheered and clapped in ululation after an announcement by the master of ceremony that beer was among the food aid donated by the Chinese mining company.

The Chuanshan company director Han Ke said he saw it fit to include beer as part of the food donation after he realised locals in the area love liqour.

“Locals in this area love liqour and I saw it  fit to include it as part of food donation to the hunger ravaged villages. We also donated more than 300 bags of maize and cooking oil” said Mr Ke.


The Chinese  investors who are eyeing to set up a diatomite factory in the locality they were distributing food as part of a corporate social responsibility.

A woman runs away with carton of Chinese beer donated by Chinese workers who visited the area with donations of food to hunger ravaged residents of Katikit in Tiaty in Baringo County. PHOTO | FLORAH KOECH

However, drama ensued after locals drank the beer and started scrambling for the bags of maize which was to be distributed to more than seven villages hard-hit by drought.

Among the villages that were to benefit are Katikit, Chemusuk, Chemolingot, Kositei, Seretion, Kapturo and Chemisik respectively.

Some also scrambled for the cans of the beer as they ran into the bushes to avoid the crowd who also wanted a share.

Women with young children who were eagerly waiting at a far distance for the food had to join the young men who had spilled the bags of maize as they scrambled.

Residents scrambling for food after some got tipsy,. PHOTO | FLORAH KOECH

Women and children started to scoop the maize that had spilled from the torn bags after hundreds of men scrambled each claiming it was meant for their villages.

A resident, Ben Todonyang commended the company for their consideration to include beer in their donation.

“We are really thankful to get beer in this remote village.We have been hard hit by food shortage and the beer will come in handy as well so that we can enjoy ourselves and forget the myriad of problems,” said Mr Todonyang.

Tiaty MP William Kamket who also attended the food distribution exercise, however, said the food donated by the government did not reach the far flung villages due to lack of fuel to transport them.

“We thank the government for the food aid  but more than 500 bags of maize are still in the government stores in Chemolingot for lack of fuel to transport. The only food that reached the hunger ravaged villages are those donated by Well wishers,” said Mr Kamket.