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Drama as cop without face mask attempts to arrest man for same offence

Two plainclothes police officers were almost lynched by members of the public after they allegedly tried to arrest a man for not wearing a face mask.

The two were caught on video, in an incident which reportedly happened in Kisumu, while attempting to arrest a man for not wearing a face mask when one of them also did not have his on.

The unidentified officers ended up releasing the man after members of the public protested.

In the 45-second video clip, which has been widely shared on social media, the officers are seen manhandling the individual who has his mask on.

One of the officers then handcuffs the man while his colleague, who is engaged in a phone call, grabs him by the waist.

Soon, enraged members of public come to the man’s rescue and demand for his release.

After letting go off the man, the officer without a face mask steps aside and quickly takes a face mask from his pocket and puts it on.

But the civilians, most of them presumably boda boda riders going by their reflector jackets and helmets, still demanded that the officers release the man who still had him in handcuffs.