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Drama as guard smashes seven vehicles in parking lot

By HILARY KIMUYU October 22nd, 2015 1 min read

A security guard at a parking lot in the city centre left a trail of destruction of Thursday after steppingB heavily on the fuel pedal and smashing seven vehicles.

The guard, who colleagues say had never been seen driving a vehicle before, was parking a client’s car at the parking lot located next to Re-Insurance Plaza off Taifa road.




There are conflicting accounts of how the guard got hold of the car key, but he soon lost control of the vehicle and rammed into seven other cars parked nearby.

Police arrived at the scene moments later and took him away.

The parking lot is owned by the Koinange Investment and Development Limited.

Edna Nyanchoka, an attendant at the parking lot, said: “I had a big bang and saw people running and thought we were under attack so I also ran and later found out that it was an accident.”

She added that it was the first time that she had seen her colleague drive.

Security guards at the parking lot are not allowed to drive cars. There are designated drivers who park cars for clients who are in a rush or those who can not meander through the parking lot.

Tony Wambua, a motorist whose car was smashed, told Nairobi News that a friend had called him and told him that his car had been hit in the parking lot.

Tony Wambua stands next to his damaged car. PHOTO | HILARY KIMUYU
Tony Wambua stands next to his damaged car. PHOTO | HILARY KIMUYU