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Drama as gun-wielding man threatens to ‘kill’ mechanic – VIDEO

A video of an armed man threatening to shoot a mechanic for failing to repair his vehicle on time has gone viral online.

The man, who speaks in Kiswahili, can be seen holding a pistol on his right hand while demanding for quick service from the fear-stricken mechanic.

The armed man throws around his left hand as if to hit the mechanic while complaining at the sluggish pace of  repairs at the garage.

As the video starts, the man is refrained by another man as the mechanic picks his overall.

The visibly shaken mechanic looks at the man filming the video as if to ask for help and on the background someone can be heard calming down the angered man.

The armed man says, “weka kila kitu pale, otherwise nitakumaliza saa hii…”

“Stop being rude, tengeneza gari yangu. Mimi siwezi simama hapa kutoka saa kumi na mbili mpaka saa hii because of an idle, stupid, useless, drunkard man.”

He goes on to use a common phrase used by influential Kenyans; “”Do you know me? Do you know me? Bloody f***ing.”

It is unclear where exactly the undated video was filmed, but the first user to upload it insinuated that the altercation took place at a Nairobi garage.

Brandishing a firearm on such matters is illegal as licensed civilian holders are supposed to use them only to protect themselves.

Police records indicate that there has been an increase in misuse of firearms among civilian holders.

Last week, two licensed firearm holders engaged in a confrontation involving love triangle at Klub House (K1) Club in Parklands.