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Drama as Kenyan, Ghanaian clash on YouTube

Two YouTubers from Kenya and Ghana are engaged in a beef on the social media channel that has attracted the attention of their vast subscriber base.

The supposed beef commenced in earnest when Ghanaian Wode Maya, real name Berthold Kobby, claimed he was the one who sold Mercyline Masanya aka African Tigress the idea of travelling around Africa to create content.

To which African Tigress not only disputed the version of events, but also hit out on Wode Maya.

“Dude are you mentally okay? Have you lost your memory or what? Did you know me when I went to Egypt? I mean as evidence my first videos on this channel are shot in Egypt maybe you copied me since you were never a travel channel,” the Kenyan YouTuber shot back.

African Tigress insisted she only met Wode Maya in 2019 after a video he shot in Rwanda went viral.

She also appeared to play down suggestions content creators have been inspired by Wode Maya to travel across Africa because of him.

“Bro Africans have been travelling in Africa even before colonization,” she hit out.

Wode Maya who styles himself as an annoying African village boy from Ghana has yet to publicly comment.

It is, however, not the first time African Tigress is expressing his concerns in public.

In 2021, she shared her not-so-pleasant ordeal at the hands of immigration officials at the Robert Mugabe International airport in Harare while on a visit to Zimbabwe.

This resulted to backlash on the social media, leading to the Immigration department issuing a public apology and promising to investigate the incident.

Wode Maya is a Ghanaian YouTube personality, vlogger, digital media influencer and aeronautical engineer.

He is one of most popular YouTubers with more than a million followers on the channel. He is reported to make Sh1 million each month from the channel and reported to date another Kenyan YouTuber namely Getrude Awino Njeri aka Miss Trudy.

Besides being a content creator, African Tigress is also a businesswoman who boasts 200,000 followers on YouTube and reportedly earns around Sh400,000 for creating content on the channel.