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Drama as Umoja passengers are caught up in foiled robbery

April 25th, 2015 1 min read

Passengers in a matatu from Umoja were caught up in a blood chilling drama as police chased after a gang that had attempted to rob a shop in the estate.

The gang of four young boys had attempted to rob a shop in Umoja one, but the shopkeeper immediately called the police who arrived at the scene within minutes.

The gang is said to have boarded the matatu and alighted soon after as they escaped from the police who were in hot pursuit.

When the police caught up with the matatu, they were unaware that the gang had alighted and escaped on foot.  The police proceeded to fire shots in the air and order all passengers to lie on the floor of the vehicle.

The shopkeeper was then called to identify the robbers, but all was in vain.

The passengers were then left to proceed with their journey, though they said the police could have blocked the matatu before the thugs alighted.