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Drama as Nairobi businessman loses pistol during bar outing

By Nyaboga Kiage October 18th, 2023 2 min read

On October 18, 2023, police officers in Kahawa West, Nairobi County, initiated a probe into an unsettling incident involving a licensed firearm holder who lost his pistol while enjoying a night out at a local bar.

This incident took a dramatic turn, leaving the brother of the firearm holder, identified as Joseph Munene, injured during an alarming encounter that sent shockwaves through the establishment and initiated a pursuit of the suspected robbers who managed to evade capture.

According to the licensed firearm holder, the ordeal began on Monday, October 16, when he had visited a restaurant to meet with some relatives.

He recounted being attacked by two armed men while en route to meet his brother at the establishment.

“I was on my way to rendezvous with my brother in a hotel when two assailants on a motorcycle confronted us,” he recounted during his statement to the police.

Munene, a businessman involved in the sand industry, believes that the robbers may have been tipped off about his licensed firearm holder status, adding an alarming dimension to the incident.

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At this stage of the investigation, the police plan to record a statement from Joseph Munene, the firearm holder’s brother, in their ongoing efforts to unravel the circumstances surrounding the incident.

According to the victim, the two gunmen did not target any other individuals in the bar, leading to the suspicion that he was the specific target of the attack. The assailants ordered him and his brother to the ground before forcibly seizing the pistol. Additionally, they robbed him of Sh3,000 and a mobile phone.

The Ceska Pistol owned by Mr Munene contained a total of 15 bullets.

As the assailants attempted to leave the premises, the bar’s patrons reacted swiftly, raising the alarm and calling for assistance with the intention of capturing the two culprits. Faced with a growing commotion, the suspected robbers resorted to using their firearms, firing at the victim but narrowly missing their intended target. Instead, the bullet grazed Joseph Munene’s head.

In the aftermath of the gunfire, the suspects managed to escape on a getaway motorcycle, fleeing in the direction of Ruiru.

The investigation is currently ongoing, with the police diligently working to uncover the identities and motives of the assailants in this alarming incident.

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