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Drama as Nakuru MCAs brawl in the House

It started with a man some MCAs described as a stranger joining in the press gallery at the Nakuru County Assembly.

One group of the ward representatives said to be opposed to Speaker Susan Kihika demanded that the man leaves, accusing him of having been send to take photos of MCAs opposed to the speaker so she could punish them.

But another group insisted that the man, said to be a police officer, stays.

It was when those opposed to Ms Kihika ejected the stranger that hell broke lose. A confrontation ensued as the MCAs supporting Ms Kihika and those opposed to her descended on each other.

Some were bitten and punched, while others were nearly strangled.

One MCA bit a colleague on the belly while another nearly strangled a member as fists flew.


Deputy Speaker Kipkoros Tuwei said to be supported by some MCAs in his war against Ms Kihika was knocked to the floor.

It is said Mr Tuwei and the speaker do not see eye-to-eye and this has divided the house in the middle.

London MCA Njoroge Njogu was dragged out of the chamber like a sack of potatoes.

The kind of drama witnessed was synonymous with the defunct local authorities where councillors would fight almost at will.

And when the dust had settled, it was like an aftermath of a tornado, everything was all over the place.

Meanwhile, GSU officers were on guard outside to ensure the fight didn’t spill to the streets.

Before brawl, the politicians traded insults, some using unprintable words. At some point, they sang the National Anthem and the emphasis was on the ‘amani na uhuru’ part.


The madness went on for about 20 minutes when Ms Kihika walked in. She attempted to calm them down but the charged members would hear none of it.

Mr Tuwei tried to stop the session from going on claiming Mr Stephen Kuria, Biashara Ward MCA, intended to have him removed from the chamber. One faction supports speaker and the other Mr Tuwei.

However, tempers would cool down 10 minutes later and Ms Kihika proceeded with the business of the day. All through the session, MCAs supporting her shielded her to ensure no ‘enemy’ went beyond the mace table to where she sits.

The anti-Kihika members who addressed journalists outside the chamber later said they had collected 33 signatures supporting her impeachment.

“We cannot allow this kind of dictatorship and anarchy. We have already given a notice of  impeachment and 33 members have signed it,” said Ndundori MCA Stephen Kihara.

Meanwhile, some members want Majority Leader Samwel Waithuki hold the position of speaker until a case at the High Court is determined while others want Mosop’s Mwaura Njenga for the position.