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Drama as police officer assaults civilian while demanding free unga

A police officer on Tuesday went berserk and fired four shots in the air while demanding more and free maize flour at a police station in Limuru, Kiambu County.

Police said in the process, the said officer attacked one civilian who works with the same organization as a driver.

According to the police, the civilian sustained serious injuries on the head, mouth and complained of chest pain.

The constable of police was later disarmed and taken to hospital following the drama at Muna Police Post.

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According to a police report, the officer is said to have unleashed blows and kicks in the attack after placing his weapon on the floor.

The drama started after officials working for a voluntary charitable organization called Kenya Diaspora Media-USA planned to deliver 60 bales of flour to locals in Karambiani.

Officials of the organisation had driven to the police post to request for police escort for the event that was scheduled to take place on Wednesday and for the safe custody of the food.

While at the police post, they gave out two bales of the said flour to be shared among the five officers who were on duty.

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This angered the said officer and it was then that the officer who was at the report office demanded more flour while issuing threats.

Those who witnessed the scuffle said the officer suddenly became irritated and cocked his G3 rifle before he shot to the air four times sending those present scampering for their safety.

After calm returned, senior police officers visited the scene and ordered the officer be disarmed and taken to hospital for medical check-up.

Police said the next course of action will be taken once they get a report from the hospital.

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