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Drama as shoppers brawl at Nakumatt outlet – VIDEO

There was drama at a Nakumatt outlet when two shoppers brawled after a verbal exchange between them.

The incident which was caught on camera by another customer and widely circulated online shows an Asian couple screaming and throwing kicks at a man who retorted, “Don’t call my wife a b***.”

The Asian woman told the man, “She is a b***.”

Her response provokes the man who floors an elderly man who was in the company of the Asian woman.

The Kenyan then proceeds to attack the Asian woman by grabbing her hair before some other men pull him aside.

The still enraged Asian woman with the help of one Kenyan lifts the Asian man and walk towards the attacker.

She is however pulled aside and prevented from attacking the man.

The incident happens near the supermarkets exit and a few workers donning white Nakumatt branded t-shirts can be seen trying to intervene.

A security guard at some point also joins in as the confrontation comes to an end.