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Drama as Tana River woman finds mother in boyfriend’s house

A woman caused a stir in Mapenzi Estate, Tana River County, after finding her mother at her boyfriend’s house on an early morning visit on April 12, 2023.

Esther Soni (Not her real name) a student at a medical school in Malindi had left school to pay her boyfriend a surprise visit only to meet the unexpected.

Soni, who arrived from Malindi at 6am and said she was dropped off at her boyfriend’s place by a mutual friend said she was shocked to see her mother, wrapped in a scarf, opening the door.

Her hysterical laughter joined by a wild scream woke up the few neighbors in the compound to witness the drama that was just uncovering.

According to Saada Hassan, a neighbor, she heard the woman ask her mother what she was doing at her boyfriend’s house dressed in a scarf before bursting into tears.

“The mother came out and pulled her inside the house to contain the situation and locked the door from the inside. We could hear that there was some commotion with the mother trying to explain herself in low tones,” said Ms Hassan.

The two fought for a while before the boyfriend calmed the situation.

A few minutes later, Soni’s mother was seen leaving in a hush while Soni and the boyfriend remained in the house.

Two women later joined them in the house and could be heard discussing in low tones. Sources intimated that Soni was overwhelmed during the fight and collapsed momentarily giving the mother a chance to flee.

“Because the house was quiet for a moment, then the two girls joined, and shortly after Soni was up screaming and cursing again turning the house upside down and looking for her mother, she was swearing she would kill her,” said Mildred Kweche, a neighbor.

The two girls who had joined tried to calm her down as the boyfriend left the house.

Soni could be heard crying from the house, narrating how she had introduced the boyfriend to her mother last year when he went to visit her ailing father in the hospital.

“It is sad because they buried their father in the same month and they are yet to overcome the moment, then this happens,” said Ms Kweche.

Shortly after, the dejected Soni left the house with her shoes in her hand, while the other women followed from behind.
She boarded a matatu and left the town.

Efforts to get a comment from the boyfriend did not bear fruit since he is also rumored to have left town and his phone number remains switched off.

Soni’s mother, a teacher at a local school, refused to comment on the matter.

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