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Drama as Zari Hassan’s estranged husband Shakib agrees to spill the beans

In the latest twist of the ongoing saga between socialite Zari Hassan and her husband, Shakib Cham, tensions have escalated as Shakib has agreed to sit down for a tell-all interview with Zari’s long-standing rival, Mange Kimambi.

Mange is a Tanzanian-American-based blogger and businesswoman.

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The rift between Mange and Zari is no secret, with both personalities frequently engaging in public spats and throwing shade at each other across social media platforms.

The revelation of Shakib’s decision to engage with Mange comes amidst news of his split from Zari.

While Zari had previously stated to Millard Ayo that the couple had mutually agreed to take a break, Shakib’s endorsement of Mange’s interview raises eyebrows.

Zari, on her part, has been vocal about the breakdown of her marriage, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason behind her decision to remove photos of Shakib from her social media accounts.

“Shakib and I have had issues before. That is why in November and December, I decided to delete his photos on my Instagram page. We had big issues, and it is not because I did the video that Shakib has left South Africa,” Zari candidly revealed.

In a promotional video circulating online, Shakib is seen being welcomed by Mange, endorsing the controversial blogger ahead of their forthcoming interview.

The interview, slated to be sold on Mange’s application, is anticipated to delve into Shakib’s perspective on his relationship with Zari and the intricacies of their marriage.

While it remains unclear whether Shakib received compensation for his participation, fans have expressed shock and disappointment at his choice to confide in Zari’s adversary, especially during a period when the couple purportedly sought space from each other.

Social media reactions have been swift and varied, with some expressing support for Zari’s resilience while others speculate on Shakib’s motives and the future of their relationship.

User @iren_shan warned against trusting men.

@abek6096 offered words of encouragement to Zari, highlighting her strength in adversity.

Meanwhile, @nemyngowi questioned Shakib’s actions, drawing comparisons to previous relationship dynamics.

@carrymastorytv2 said: Did he just date Zari to collect information?