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Drama as convict stabs magistrate who jailed him for three years

By JOSEPH OPENDA November 22nd, 2016 1 min read

A suspect went berserk and attacked Resident Magistrate Eunice Kelly in a Nakuru court who had sentenced him to three years in prison.

Mr Michael Kihoro stabbed the magistrate on the hand and the complainant Ms Edith Adhiambo on the neck with a screw driver after being handed the sentence.

Ironically, Mr Kihoro was in the dock for assault.

He was arrested outside the law courts trying to escape and is currently being held at Nakuru Central Police Station.

The injured were rushed to Aga Khan Hospital.


According to Ms Gaudencia Kedogo, an intern who was present in court, the accused refused mitigation and instead asked the magistrate to read the judgment.

He descended on the complainant forcing her to run for her life. He then proceeded to the magistrate’s desk and stabbing her on the hand before court orderlies intervened.

The fiasco saw the terrified members of the public scamper for safety before police officers arrested the attacker.