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Drama in court as firewood theft suspect claims his accuser is a deadbeat dad

There was a drama at a Makadara Law Court on Monday after a middle-aged man charged with stealing Sh35,000 firewood accused the complainant in the case of being his deadbeat father.

Joseph Gitau Kimani denied stealing from John Thotho Muthecha on June 17, 2019 in Huruma claiming his accuser had abdicated his responsibilities as a father.

The two engaged in a bitter exchange in the courtroom, with Muthecha stating that he only knows Kimani as a thief.

To this Kimani responded:

“You are my father and everyone knows that. There are very many people who know you are my father and can testify here.”

Kimani further vowed to teach Muthecha a lesson for disowning him despite knowing he is his biological father.

However, Muthecha said he has eight children and Kimani is none of them.

Both became unruly in court forcing court orderlies to calm them down.

Kimani denied the charges before Chief Magistrate Heston Nyaga.

Muthecha claimed Kimani has been released by police under unclear circumstances on several occasions after stealing from him and pleaded with the court to take a deterrent action on the suspect.

He said the suspect has stolen his car which he used to ferry the firewood.

No recovery has been made regarding the same, according to police reports.

Kimani was released on a Sh15,000 cash bail. His lorry will remain at Huruma Police Station.