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Drama! Sandra Dacha and Ochonjo’s friends collide during funeral fundraiser

A dramatic scene unfolded during an emotional candle-lighting ceremony for late actor Ochonjo at the Kenya National Theatre on 25 May.

Actress Sandra Dacha got into a heated confrontation with Tiktoker and Ochonjo’s best friend Mike Wako.

In a viral video, Sandra gestured emphatically with her hands at Wako as she accused him of misleading the public.

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Actor and comedian Ochonjo Tony Duncan. PHOTO| COURTESY

As tensions flared, the exchange between the two became increasingly hostile, eventually leading to Wako being forced to leave the premises as the situation escalated.

Despite the efforts of numerous creative community members and their earnest efforts to mediate and deescalate the conflict, their attempts ultimately proved fruitless.

Sandra Dacha’s voice was raised as she accused Mike Wako: “You can’t say we weren’t there for Ochonjo, why didn’t you take him to the hospital? Mike Wako, stop spreading lies,” Sandra shouted.

Wako tried to regain control and continue his speech, but Dacha provoked him, making it impossible for him to continue.

Sandra shouted, “We failed Ochonjo… We weren’t there for Ochonjo.”

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Following Ochonjo’s death, his elder brother, Kevin Okoth Bodo, expressed his belief that the friends Ochonjo was staying with had the opportunity to save his life by taking him to hospital immediately.

“It is inconceivable to me that three people living under the same roof, knowing that one of them is unwell, would allow the situation to deteriorate to the point of bedridden illness without seeking medical attention. And then they have the audacity to blame the family,” Kevin lamented.

Actor and comedian Ochonjo Tony Duncan. PHOTO| COURTESY

He pointed out that his friends also perpetuated the notion of depression surrounding Ochonjo’s circumstances.

“Dunco [Ochonjo] was not depressed and it is incomprehensible to abandon your own brother.
Dunco lived with responsible adults; they shouldn’t have neglected their companion to the point where he couldn’t even walk, only to take him to work and bring him home in that condition.

Why didn’t they take him to hospital?” Kevin asked.

Expressing his frustration, Kevin criticised attempts to portray the narrative that Duncan had been abandoned by his family while living with them in the same household.

Kevin firmly believed that if Duncan had been taken to hospital early, he would have received the help he needed.

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