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Drama! Vera Sidika accuses Minne Kariuki of pursuing her hubby Brown Mauzo

In a dramatic turn of events during the highly-anticipated The Real Housewives of Nairobi reunion, socialite Vera Sidika has accused actress Minne Kariuki of harboring motives towards her husband, Brown Mauzo.

The electrifying reunion, hosted by Fareed Khimani, saw cast members Susan Kaittany, Sonal Maherali, Lisa Christoffersen and Dr Catherine Masitsa gather to dissect and unravel the highlights of the eventful first season.

As the discussion delved into the dynamics between the cast members, Minne boldly declared herself the “queen of shade,” attributing her sharp comebacks to her upbringing in the neighborhood.

“I grew up in the hood, and we just clap back; that’s who I am,” Minne confidently said.

When probed about her conflicts with the other women on the show, Minne defended her relationship with Vera, claiming they had no issues.

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However, tension built up when Minne confronted Susan, accusing her of spreading rumours that she desired Mauzo.

Coming to Susan’s defense, Dr Masitsa revealed that Vera had brought printed evidence suggesting Minne’s inappropriate interest in Mauzo.

“Vera shared a document where it was implied that Minne was showing undue attention to her husband, Brown Mauzo. This is why Minne wasn’t invited to your event,” Dr Masitsa explained, alluding to Vera’s concerns about Minne’s intentions.

Vera, speaking about her observations, claimed she had noticed Minne’s apparent infatuation with Brown Mauzo during the filming of the show Single Kiasi.

“I watched the first episode of Single Kiasi, and I couldn’t help but notice Minne’s lingering gaze towards my husband, Mauzo,” Vera said.

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Minne defended herself, asserting that the incident was a misunderstanding. She clarified that while filming Single Kiasi, the actors were provided with props and not real phones.

She explained that she had been using someone else’s phone and if Brown’s image appeared, it was purely coincidental.

Minne denied any intentions of pursuing her friends’ husbands, emphasizing that such statements were made in private. Minne went on to challenge the other women to confirm if she had ever been involved with any of their partners.

Susan chimed in, sharing a history of Minne’s past relationship with Michelle Ntalami.

The Real Housewives of Nairobi part two reunion will air on Showmax June 8, 2023.

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