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Dramatic rescue of University student in Thika attacked by bike thugs

By Wangu Kanuri November 11th, 2022 2 min read

A robbery with violence suspect was gunned down by police while attempting to steal from a university student in Thika.

According to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), the Thika Technical Institute student was headed to his rented room when thugs accosted him on Wednesday night.

“Following the sudden attack, the victim only identified as Onyi let out high pitched screams of distress, Wuuuui! Wuuuui! Wezi! Nisaidieni! prompting quick response from the officers of the law who spotted a young man subdued on the ground by three machete wielding thugs,” said the DCI.

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Police said the three were ransacking his pockets when they intervened, ordering the suspects to stop to no avail.

One of the suspects is said to have attempted to draw a firearm causing an officer to shoot.

“Immediately, the officers intervened by ordering the three to stop but their warnings fell on deaf ears, as one of the thugs reached for his privates and attempted to draw a firearm. But before his hand could leave the ‘armoury’, a single shot was fired to immobilise him, sending him sprawling on the ground.”

The two surviving suspects abandoned their getaway motorcycle and escaped on foot after discovering that one of their comrades had been shot dead.

Police found a homemade gun hidden in the thug’s genitalia, a sharp machete, and the victim’s phone in his pocket after the suspect was killed.

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While the suspect’s body was transported to General Kago hospital’s mortuary pending identification, the officer rescued the student and escorted him to his house.

The suspects’ blue motorcycle, with the registration number KMDS 602K, was seized and is now being held at the Thika police station while searches for the remaining suspects are conducted.

Just a few days before this incident, Kenyatta National Hospital nurse expressed concern about increasing the number of mugging victims in Nairobi and its surroundings.

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The past two weeks have been challenging at work, according to doctor Lilian Munyua, as she and her colleagues have had to treat patients with stab wounds caused by the mug incidents.

“Please note these killer thugs are stealing in broad daylight. They will stab or shoot you without a second thought if you resist.

Advise your friends and family to avoid walking alone or getting late in these places. If you’re carrying a laptop in a backpack, you remain a target, be sure you will lose it or lose your life in these places,” she wrote in her post.

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