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Should drinks bought on a date be repaid for with sex? Men, women can’t agree

Does buying drinks to a woman while on a date automatically translate to her offering sexual favours at the end of the night?

This is the question Kenyans on Twitter can’t seem to agree on.

It all started when a tweep, who goes by the name Dennis Kioko, lashed out at his fellow men for always assuming that the drinks they buy women while on a date must always be repaid with sex.

Furthermore, he urged men to state their intentions before offering to buy the drinks and while both are still sober.

“Dear men, when we buy each other drinks, we don’t drag each other across parking lots insisting that the drinks must be repaid for with sex. So why do we do that for ladies? If that’s your condition for buying drinks, why don’t you state it first before offering drinks?” asked Dennis Kioko.

“Also, many of us men are quite aggressive when offering drinks to ladies, especially if they seem disinterested. It’s totally insincere to then demand that as a condition for the drinks. Some men tell other men that for ladies to sleep with you, then you must buy them drinks. That’s a total lie, unless the lady told you that herself,” he added.


His tweets appeared to have touched a raw nerve among other users. Here are some of their reactions:

“Totally agree. Go out have a good time, she just might get into the mood,” Francis Mboya said.

“Nyamaza!! Boss its heard earned cash. If it’s a day out also the chick should contribute, if not so she should pay back the Gs she drank. And in whichever case why would she drink if she knows she does not have money to pay for herself,” Joekul tweeted.

“Men who expect sex after drinks without stating it beforehand are cowards. What’s so hard in communicating your intentions with the woman while she’s sober? You’re a gem for clearly pointing this out. Thank you,” Joyleen Omari wrote.

“We must stop viewing sex as something taken from a woman and given to a man, that will solve most of our issues. Men will stop “buying” sex while ladies will stop taking favours in return for sex. No one knows the truth here, may be consent was given only to be withdrawn later,” Zalimaki commented.

“Loopholes exist. consent once given can be withdrawn and now it becomes you offered free drinks. In short don’t buy ladies drinks at all to have sex with them. it’s not worth it at all. A waste of money,” Nicka remarked.

“It’s scary some men disagree here. Woah,” Sindy said.

“I’m a teetotal. But I know men expect that friends will ‘return the hand’, in the same manner or another: even if it means in the long-run. But most ladies are always ‘broke’. The best thing is that the lady asks about the ‘terms and conditions’ before consuming the drinks,” Duke of Ituti said.