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Driver who caused death of Deputy IG’s daughter jailed for three years

A matatu driver who caused the death of Deputy Inspector General of Police Edward Mbugua’s daughter has been jailed for three years.

Mr Patrick Magu, was charged with causing the death of Ms Meline Waithera Mbugua on June 17, 2021 after a matatu he was driving reversed and hit the deceased leading to her death.

Magistrate Esther Kimilu gave the suspect an option of paying an alternative fine of Sh200,000 failure to which he will serve three years. Mr Magu’s driving license has also been suspended for a period of one year.

However, Ms Kimilu noted that indeed Mr Magu was remorseful and admitted that he was not careful when the tragic incident happened.

The magistrate said that she also considered that the matatu Mr Magu was driving was unroadworthy and that he decided to surrender to the police after causing the accident that saw Ms Waithera sandwiched between two matatus along Tom Mboya street.

During the hearing of the case, a video clip that captured the accident took place was played in court. According to the investigating officer, Mr Peter Ndirangu, the clip was a clear indication that the vehicle was dangerously driven resulting in the fatal accident.