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Horror as reversing driver runs over woman on sidewalk – VIDEO

A spine chilling video has emerged on social media showing a driver losing control of a vehicle while reversing into a parking lot and running over a woman seated on the sidewalk.

At the start of the video, taken from a shop’s CCTV camera, pedestrians are seen walking on sidewalks while two women are also seen seated on the sidewalk adjacent to a parking slot.

The driver of a red car then begins reversing as if trying to fit it in the parking spot where one of the two woman is seated.

As the car inches closer to the woman, the car’s break appears to fail and it rams into the woman who has little time to react and get out of the way.


In the horrific scene, the car further drags the woman and smashes her on the wall of adjacent shops. Onlookers rush to the scene with one of them turning over over the victim to check on her.

The driver of the car, who appears to be a woman, is seen getting out of the car and leaning on it as she comes to terms with what has just happened.

Netizens have reacted to the video with calls on drivers to exercise caution. Others simply lamented how Nairobi is an unsafe city.