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Drivers go to lengths to beat alcoblow

Mombasa Road.

Crafty motorists have devised ways of avoiding detection after taking their favourite beer.

Apart from avoiding routes they are likely to drive into policemen and be subjected to an alcoblow test, some have resorted to mixing their drink with fruit juice to give it apple, orange, or pineapple flavours.

“We no longer use sodas as they are unlikely to take away the alcohol breath,” a motorist said.

“I took whisky with apple juice and it worked wonders,” he added.

Others, especially those driving personal cars, go home late at night when chances of coming across policemen are almost nil.

Some have resorted to lengthy detours in a desperate bid to avoid spots where they are likely to encounter traffic policemen.

“It might sound strange to many citizens but it pays. I don’t understand why some people are stopping us from drinking,” says a motorist.