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Driving instructor with ear for music

By JOAN THATIAH December 19th, 2013 2 min read

From 8am to 6pm, for six days a week, Nancy Chege spends most of her day snaking across the Nairobi traffic as she teaches her students how to drive and stay safe while at it.

During the evenings and weekends, she writes and produces gospel music.

For three years now, Nancy, a branch manager and instructor at Rocky Driving School in South C, has been tasked with overseeing class bookings aside from taking students on the road for practical lessons.

Growing up in Kandara, Murang’a County, young Nancy seized every opportunity she could to sing.

Write music

She sang at family gatherings, in church and at school. “At this point, this was just a hobby, something I did to get peace of mind” she recalled.

Owing to her patience, excellent driving and people skills, she settled in on her job as a driving instructor easily.

During her free time, she continued writing music and singing.

In early 2012, she used her savings to start producing her own music.

Her biggest challenge at the time was whether to inform her employer of her plans, knowing that he is from a different religion.

The same year, she produced her first album called Giuthigiki, which impressed even her bosses.

“They do not have a problem on how I spend my free time as long as I do my job efficiently,” she said.

Her side hustle feeds off her main job on many levels. Other than using her personal savings to produce songs, she also meets people who buy and promote her music.

Just as she had hoped, her side hustle has begun fuelling itself and she is currently producing her second album using proceeds from the first one.

Her day job is very involving and her biggest task has been balancing her time between the two jobs.

Nancy hopes to be a great artiste in future. For now, you will see her behind the wheel, guiding her students in the streets of Nairobi.