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Drunk city driver almost kills Boniface Mwangi’s family – PHOTOS

Activist Boniface Mwangi and his family survived an accident caused by a drunk driver on Sunday.

The driver, who was intoxicated and had carried bottles of alcohol in his vehicle, attempted to have boda boda riders take away the evidence from the crime scene as Mwangi waited for the police to arrive.

Mwangi was driving with his family in Embakasi area when the accident happened

He immediately contacted the police via the 999 number after officers at a nearby police road block declined to assist stating that the scene was outside their jurisdiction.

Police arrested the drunk driver after he was found with no driving license and failed a Breathalyzer test.

He is detained at Embakasi Police Station.

Mwangi shared the details of the 1am accident on Twitter.