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Watch Kenyan tout being whipped for showing up at work drunk – VIDEO

A video has surfaced online showing a Kenyan bus conductor repeatedly being assaulted by his supervisor for turning up for work while drunk.

Apparently, the staggering tout, who was dressed in his official uniform but without shoes at that time of the assault, was being punished for his misdemeanor.

The drunk tout fails to defend himself for the entirety of the three-minute clip.

At one point, his tormentor attempts to force him into a vehicle on which he was leaning, but amid his feeble resistance he falls down in a heap under the weight of repeated flogging, slaps, punches and kicks from his assailant.

But even while laying on the ground, the beating continues.

All this time, the supervisor repeatedly asks “Why are you drunk at this time of the day? Why do you keep drinking?”

The incident occurs in an open area which appears to be a bus terminus.