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Drunk man admits to assaulting wife for returning home while also drunk

By Joseph Ndunda November 3rd, 2020 1 min read

A man who beat up his wife for coming home late while drunk after a drinking spree pleaded guilty to assault charges and claimed he was also not sober.

When he was charged at Kibera law courts, Peter Mwanzia Kilonzo admitted that he willfully and unlawfully caused actual bodily harm to Elizabeth Magoma on October 25 at his house in Madaraka area in Nairobi.

But he told senior principal magistrate Sharon Maroro that he did not intend to harm his wife and the injuries were not serious.

Kilonzo had returned home from work to find his three-year-old son alone then his wife staggered home later.

He told the court that his wife told him she had gone to party with her friends and got late.

During the argument, Kilonzo alleged that his wife picked a sufuria and hit him twice prompting him to retaliate by whipping her.

Although he accepted to have committed the offence, a plea of not guilty was entered after he gave an explanation that amounted to justification for his acts.

Kilonzo was freed on a cash bail of Sh10,000 and the case will be mentioned on November 16.