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Drunk ‘medical student’ arrested while performing abortion on woman – VIDEO

A man who claims to be a medical student in Kitale town has been arrested for illegally performing an abortion on a woman while under the influence of alcohol.

The bizarre incident happened after a pregnant woman had walked into the facility on Saturday for a routine check-up but the man reportedly started performing the abortion without her consent.

The woman’s screams alerted officers from the Ministry of Health who were carrying out an inspection in private clinics in the town operating without licenses.

The whole process left the woman in critical condition and she was immediately transferred to Kitale County Referral Hospital, although it was not immediately clear whether the fetus survived.


The suspect claims he is a graduate of the Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC), and has been working at the Sirikwa Medical Laboratories since March 2019.

Dr Jonathan Buturu, an officer from the Clinical Officers Council (COC), confirmed the bizarre incident.

“We found someone who purports to be a nurse conducting an abortion and we managed to seize him. We have to see the papers, we have to confirm everything because he is drunk so we can’t even trust what he is telling us,” said Buturu.

The man was taken into police custody and will be arraigned in court on Monday June 24, 2019.