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Duale is warming his critics’ hearts with this photo

He attracts love and hate with equal measure. To Jubilee supporters, he is godsend, but to Cord backers, he is an unnecessary nuisance.

But National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale warmed the hearts of both his supporters and critics when he was photographed seated next to young learners at a Madrassa (a Muslim school) in his constituency.

Duale posted the photos on his Twitter account, captioning them: “Interacted with students from various educational institutions in my constituency and affirmed my support for them.”

Aden Duale at a Madrassa in his constituency. PHOTO | COURTESY
Aden Duale at a Madrassa in his constituency. PHOTO | COURTESY

Within minutes, blogger Robert Alai, a known Duale detractor, shared one of the pictures with an unusual caption: “Politics aside, this is a great photo of Aden Duale. Powerful.”

Another Duale critic, Jarunda Jaluth Mambobiad shared the image on Gor Mahia Facebook page with almost a similar sentiment.

“Yes. You might hate him. Yes Duale. But this is a moving photo of him and his local community.
Education is the education to life. Congrats Duale. Give him 1500+ likes.”

The picture had attracted 1,300 likes in three days.

But Asman Kipngeno Korir had a different take: “Since the announcement of Farah Maalim to go for Garissa Township seat, Duale started going to the ground….”