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Dubai drama: Senate laughs at Karen Nyamu for claiming she was a “victim”

By Winnie Mabel December 31st, 2022 3 min read

The Kenya Senate descended into a fit of laughter on December 30, 2022, during a special sitting of the Senate in the wake of the conclusion of the Meru County Governor Kawira Mwangaza’s impeachment hearing after nominated Senator Karen Nyamu claimed she was a victim of circumstances.

She is infamous for once being the mistress of the vernacular singer, Samidoh.

During the sitting, Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu addressed the floor on several points, including Kenyan Members of County Assemblies using impeachment hearings sparingly and how Kenyans should now get used to having first gentlemen in counties because women were now deciding to take up top slots in gubernatorial and senate races.

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She also called out the double standards women in leadership faced when dealing with publicized issues. She used Governor Mwangaza’s troubles of being impeached.

One reason cited by the Meru MCAs was gross misconduct in how he gave her husband a job and took him everywhere with her to official functions where he sometimes addressed the audience.

Murega Baichu, Governor Mwangaza’s husband, claimed he had faced gender-based violence after being banned from accessing the governor’s official residence, the governor’s offices, or any vehicle attached to the governor’s office.

He claimed the Meru MCA had personalized their attacks targeting him to go after Governor Mwangaza.

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Speaking on the floor of the Senate, Senator Nyamu told her colleagues that the double standards in dealing with women compared to their male counterparts was too much as she urged women to stand firm and take up their spaces.

“Another thing, Governor Kawira, we have witnessed double standards regarding women in leadership. I am a recent victim,” began Senator Nyamu as her colleagues began laughing at this point.”

She added, “…and we have to stand firm in our space with no apologies and we are here to stay. Women leadership is here to stay. We will not be victimized any time we do much less than our male counterparts are doing.”

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Earlier this month, Senator Nyamu was recorded on videos that went viral where she caused a scene in Dubai where her married baby daddy, vernacular singer Samuel Muchoki, popularly known as Samidoh, was performing as part of his Mugithi Tour. Samidoh is married to his wife of 12 years, Edday Nderitu, making Nyamu his infamous mistress.

During the performance, a drunk Karen Nyamu forced her way onto the stage to dance alongside Samidoh before he had bouncers attempt to throw her off the stage.

Later, she would seek out Samidoh, who was seated at a booth with a colleague, before she headed towards him, appeared to argue with him and forced herself to sit in his lap.

This did not go down well with Edday hanging out in the vicinity of Samidoh. When she saw Nyamu’s behaviour towards her husband, she flew towards them, where she attacked Nyamu before several men separated the two fighting women.

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As the videos went viral in Kenya, a section of Kenyans began agitating for the recalling and revoking of Nyamu’s appointment as a nominated Senator, saying she was embarrassing the country and the United Democratic Alliance party- the President’s party- which nominated her.

Nyamu would later offer half-hearted apologies the following morning while nursing a hangover before turning to her Instagram stories to announce she had broken up with Samidoh.

On December 19, 2022, the UDA party summoned her for a disciplinary hearing set for December 23, 2022. The minutes and resolutions from the meeting are yet to be made public.

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