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EABL unveils Sh50m drive to distribute 135,000 sanitisers to the vulnerable

The EABL Foundation has partnered with private companies to produce and distribute sanitisers to vulnerable groups across the country.

The Foundation has committed Sh50 million to fund the production of 135,000 litres by two Nairobi-based industries.

“We have engaged certified sanitizer producers to produce for us hand sanitizers for distribution to vulnerable groups and those at risk of exposure,” said EABL Foundation Trustee Eric Kiniti.

The moves come as many brands look at ways to mobilise their resources to help battle the global spread of Covid-19.

“We shall be engaging our sales personnel on the ground as well as distributors to ensure the sanitizers get to the most vulnerable groups, mainly those who do not have access to water and good sanitation,” he added.

East African Breweries Limited has also been helping drive public awareness about coronavirus by printing posters for distribution to more than 40,000 outlets across Kenya.

Kiniti said the distribution specifically targets EABL staff, communities in water-scarce parts of the country as well as informal settlements and areas that have challenges accessing piped water.