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Eagle ‘transports’ snake to bite man in Kitui

A man in Kitui is undergoing treatment at Mwingi hospital after a ‘charmed’ snake mysteriously bit him.

David Musyoka, a Kitui County employee, says the black mamba fell in his car after untangling itself from an eagle.

He adds that he was driving when he heard something land on the roof of his car.

He slowed down to check, and a snake slipped inside his car on the passenger’s side and beat his hand.

He managed to get out of his car with the snake still clung to his hand.

“I slowed down to check what it was, and I saw a snake. It got inside the car on the passenger seat, and before I could react, it had bitten my hand. I got out of the vehicle with the snake still in my hand.

Passers-by managed to get the snake from his hand and killed.

Moments later, an eagle suspected of dropping the snake earlier on picked it up as the passers-by wanted to set it on fire.

The man called his boss to ask for an ambulance after he started having blurry vision.

But because there was no ambulance, he was advised to use the same car he was driving to get to a hospital.

One of those who helped to kill the snake drove Musyoka to Mwingi hospital.

According to doctors who attended to him Musyoka had a snake bite on the left arm.