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The earring: Ruto’s beef with CJ Mutunga

Deputy President William Ruto has openly declared his disgust over Chief Justice Willy Mutunga’s earring.

Speaking on Tuesday during a TV interview that widely touched on IEBC, Ruto said many people have issues with various commissions and arms of government but don’t demonstrate over it.

He stated that he too has issues with the electoral commission consequently dragging in the head of the judiciary.

“Personally, I have a son who is a lawyer, I have a serious issue with my chief justice having an earring but I haven’t organised a demonstration because I have to respect that there are issues that I cannot change. As a parent I wouldn’t have a role model for my son wearing an earring, I have an issue with that and have made it public,” Ruto said.

The Deputy President’s declaration started an online storm with some users accusing him of bringing non-issues to a serious discussion.

The earring on CJ Mutunga’s left ear lobe has in the past been a subject of debate on whether the head of judiciary should spot the jewel.


During his appearance in 2011 before the Parliamentary Committee of the Implementation of the Constitution after his nomination, Mutunga was questioned over the earring which he attributed to his traditional beliefs.

“I have two ancestors. A man and a woman. They both had earrings and in 2003 as I prayed to them they instructed me to wear one so that they can protect me,” he said.

The CJ has continued spotting his jewel throughout his tenure which is due to end.

During the same interview, the Deputy President also likened the ongoing anti-IEBC demonstrations organised by opposition alliance, Cord, to Al Shabaab attacks.

“The Cord demonstration are similar to Al Shabaab attacks in this way; they (demonstrations) are creating fear, sabotage and an impression that Kenya is unsafe. The result is cancellations of tourist engagements, concern and fear by the business community. The business community is telling us that they are in fear,” Ruto said.

In the past few weeks, Cord has been mobilizing its followers in several parts of the country to participate in weekly demonstration meant to pressurize the electoral commissioners to leave office.

But on Wednesday afternoon there was good news after the government announced that a joint senate and national assembly select committee would be formed to address the IEBC impasse.