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Oh! Easter holidays are here with us again

By JO March 31st, 2018 2 min read

Happy Easter people! Wow, have you spotted an Easter bunny somewhere or does the chocolate advert remind you that the holiday season is here with us yet again?

Perhaps for some of you it was an e-mail from HR wishing you a happy holiday. But you frankly don’t know what Easter is all about and you are also wondering what bunnies have to do with it.

Maybe it is because many of you, your kids, nieces and the likes just closed school and now you are excited not to be helping out in homework, that you equally could not get or understand… Sip… Sip.

Let me educate you on what Easter means to ‘all’ Kenyans.

A number of Kenyans view Easter as a time when people are meant to repent their sins, a time to pray, fast and celebrate Christ’s resurrection. I love the latter reason.

Celebrating the risen Christ is honorably a great miracle. Let me pose a question here. Have you repented? Yes, you reading this article. What are you even upto? Just so we are clear, I’m not being critical about this, but I’m yet to define what Easter means to some other type of Kenyans.


I’m happen to be part of a certain WhatsApp group where you’ll often read messages such as “Leo form ni party kuruka.” Don’t question which group this is and why I’m in it. The important thing here is to note that a majority of Kenyans today are stuck at home, catching up with that amazing series, perhaps a cook out plan, some are out selling tickets for an event for later tonight.

Many are currently hoping that they have enough cash for the turn up later because somehow it is only in Kenya where a handful of people will head to shagz to celebrate Easter.

My point is, at least there is no pretense of staunch Christianity. Though there is need to find space and time for us all to repent. We all are stained and fortunately some of you all need a holiday, a reminder and an off day to literally have a chance to connect spiritually.

Enough of the sermon, preaching to few who are probably headed to the club. Remember Sunday is coming up when you’ll have the chance to put my advise into practice.

And now to the believers of Easter bunnies. Are the rabbits and eggs for real? I mean, I just cannot fit the puzzle. And why include chocolate in the whole mix?

But hey, Happy Easter!

Polite reminder, Tuesday is a working day and it’s only three days away. Sip… Sip!